A colorful set with a variety of excellent seafood dishes with fresh fish and local fresh meat and gastronomic choices by the chef that has been ideally prepared for you. Paraplous is by the sea with a magnificent sunset, an ideal choice for your summer nights in Rethymnon. A very summery decor, with a cosmopolitan aura and a view of the waves, in an all day space with demands. It utilizes a very nice spot outside the city center. Greekness and Mediterranean identity is the rule, traditional ingredients are present such as Cretan olive oil which is the basis of most dishes and creative combinations imaginative, with a pronounced aroma of the sea but also the aura of Crete. With an emphasis on seafood delicacies and the well-known popular dishes of international cuisine. Modern seafood cuisine mixes Mediterranean and Cretan elements.

Ideally placed next to the wave, it lets the eye glaze over. More relaxed atmosphere and simple flavors in the all-day café and the beach from the morning. It is a great advantage to enjoy what is generously given to you with Paraplous being on the beach, relaxed, with ethnic elements in the decor with coffee, lounge music enjoying the wonderful sunset but also with the bar starring as the day gives its place in the night. Summer cocktails, flavors and aromas that evoke memories or simply create them. The daily menu from the morning contains careful snacks, sandwiches and salads with a healthy orientation. You will love the place, you will immortalize beautiful moments, leaving the aura of summer to generously give you the most beautiful memories. A place created with love, and with the management of Paraplous guaranteeing your return again and again with the hospitality and special care that has taken care to be high. Have fun in all areas, taste, view, moments and good company! All the elements together testify to the development in the field of catering and the ideal service.